Lance Sherry is a leader in research in Operations Management and Systems Engineering. Pictured below Dulles flighpath.

Systems Engineering and Operations Research Professor Lance Sherry is the director of the Center for Air Transportation Systems, Systems Engineering and Operations Research. He has more than 30 years of experience in the aviation industry serving as a flight-test engineer, flight control engineer, system engineer, lead system architect, program manager, and working in strategic planning and business development.

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Evan Cantwell, Creative Services, George Mason University

Make Your Mark

Mason, an intellectual engine and cultural hub of the capital region works to advance a wide range of vital projects. The list below highlights a few areas where Mason is acting as a force for innovation. If these initiatives align with your organizational interests please contact us to explore opportunities for collaboration. 

Conserving the Environment

Smithsonian–Mason School of Conservation: Threats to the biodiversity of our environment are ever-evolving. To counter these threats and protect Earth's endangered species the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and George Mason University established SMSC where students engage in hands-on interdisciplinary programs and thrive in a collaborative atmosphere of creative, analytical thinking working directly with top research scientists. 

Institute for a Sustainable EarthThe Institute for a Sustainable Earth conducts integrative research in the natural sciences, social sciences, computational and data sciences, engineering, and humanities, bridging disciplinary gaps to realize innovative advances in an era of rapid global change. ISE puts research and scholarship into action to support a just, prosperous, and sustainable world. 

Center for Climate Change Communication:  The George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication develops and applies social science insights to help society make informed decisions that will stabilize the earth's life-sustaining climate, and prevent further harm from climate change. To achieve this goal, the center engages in three broad activities: conducting unbiased communication research; helping government agencies, civic organizations, professional associations, and companies apply social science research to improve their public engagement initiatives; and training students and professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve public engagement with climate change.

Inspiring Entrepreneurship

Mason Innovation Exchange (The MIX): To encourage and celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation across the university, Mason has begun to build out a network of on-campus entrepreneurship-focused collaboration programs and maker spaces called the Mason Innovation Exchange. 

Increasing Degree Pathways

ADVANCE: A Mason-NOVA Partnership: Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and George Mason University created the ADVANCE program to streamline the journey toward a four-year degree. Almost 3,000 NOVA students transfer to Mason each year. ADVANCE aims to boost that number by giving students the support they need to earn a bachelor's degree within four years through admissions guidance, automatic acceptance, success coaching, and improved student experiences. 

Identifying First-generation College Students

Early Identification Program (EIP): Since 1987 the Early Identification Program has improved access to higher education and higher quality of life by providing academic enrichment, personal development, and community engagement programs for middle and high school students who will be the first in their families to attend a college or university. 

Student Transition Empowerment Program (STEP): STEP works to empower first-generation students through academic skills, access to resources, community building, self-discovery, and the global citizenship needed to compete in today’s college environment and beyond. This program offers a six week residential prep program as well as continuing support throughout the academic year. 

Promoting the Arts

Center for the Arts For over a quarter century, the Center for the Arts on our Fairfax campus has offered internationally-renowned artists to the community—providing performances, community arts experiences, master classes, and the ever-popular Pre-Performance Discussions series. Included in their offerings are several major events including ARTS by George!,  Dance Fête, and Off the Wall.

Hylton Performing Arts Center The Hylton Center on our Science and Technology campus in Prince William is the "creative commons" of a dynamic region. HPAC presents world-class performances and creates a welcoming environment of learning and sharing artistic experiences.

Revolutionizing Medical Science

Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine: The Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine has expertise in proteomics, medical technologies, pathology, cancer research, and medical diagnostics. The team’s research portfolio addresses cancer and other debilitating diseases through early diagnosis, prevention, individualized therapy, and the development of new treatments. CAPMM’s mission is to study diseases and translate their discoveries for patient benefit in ongoing and future clinical trials. 

Institute for Biohealth Innovation:  Mason’s Institute for Biohealth Innovation (IBI) promotes and supports advances in human health and wellbeing at multiple scales, from individuals to populations. Through IBI, 200+ Mason faculty and thousands of Mason students come together across disciplines to develop innovative new technologies, approaches, and interventions to predict, prevent, treat and eradicate disease, improve care, and enhance the human condition.  

Advancing Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis (CINA), a multidisciplinary academic consortium of universities led by Mason that pursues innovative strategies and solutions to advance criminal network analysis, forensics, and investigative processes. CINA is a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence.

Fostering International Dialogue

The Alan Cheuse International Writers Center celebrates the art of creative writing as a means of international dialogue, education, and understanding. At its core, The Cheuse Center facilitates the exchange of international creative writers and writing in order to help foster the tolerance and understanding a more connected world requires.

Protecting Intellectual Property

The Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP)  is dedicated to the scholarly analysis of intellectual property rights and the technological, commercial, and creative innovation they facilitate. CPIP explores how stable and effective property rights in innovation and creativity can foster successful and flourishing individual lives and national economies.

Creating Safer Roadways

Center for Collision Safety and Analysis: The Center for Collision Safety and Analysis (CCSA) at George Mason University brings together a strong and richly experienced team of scientists and engineers focused on using advanced technology to understand collisions involving transport vehicles and to develop means to avoid or mitigate them to enhance safety and security. CCSA is associated with the College of Science at George Mason University and the National Center for Manufacturing Science (NCMS).